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Project Description
the VB Styler is a suite of controls and tools that are used to create more visually appealing programs. for example the CustomButton has both a gradient background and border that you can customize. this project is geared to visual basic users.

NOTE: To all users of the VB Styler! There will be a competition to see who can come up with the best addition to the VB Styler. Place your ideas in the issue tracker and whichever item gets the most votes will be added. Also the author will be directly involved in the creation of the feature and will have access to all under-developed controls. You can find more information at the competition wiki page

This project also includes multiple controls that can be used to create animations
the complete list of controls are below
  • animator a constantly animated box
  • custom animation creates highly customizable versions of some of the listed controls
  • flip timer a timer that will appear to flip a control
  • shrink timer evenly shrinks a control
  • grow timer opposite of shrink timer
  • image button a button that displays a specified image on certain events
  • scrolling text a label that scrolls it's text to the side
  • Gradient base - root control
    • Custom button - a button mimicking GBase
    • Custom label - a label mimicking GBase
  • Multi-color gradient style generator
  • A fully customizable web browser with navigation
  • Imaging
    • ColorPicker A template for getting colors via sliders
    • ColorReplacer A component that finds and modifies certain colors in an image.
  • Gradient Controls
    • Style A type that contains all gradient style data for a control. This is available via code behind and has some prebuilt styles included
    • border style Allows the border of a control to be set to a gradient in code behind
  • Extenstions three extention methods to make certain actions easier.

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