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This is the documentation for VB Styler

Note: This is a work in progress. It should be completed soon. Please be patient.


  1. Animator - A constantly animated box
  2. Custom animation - Creates highly customizable versions of some of the listed controls
  3. Flip timer - A timer that will appear to flip a control
  4. Shrink timer - Evenly shrinks a control
  5. Grow timer - Opposite of shrink timer
  6. Image button - A button that displays a specified image on certain events
  7. Scrolling text - A label that scrolls it's text to the side
  8. Gradient base - Root control
    1. Custom button - A button mimicking GBase
    2. Custom label - A label mimicking GBase
    3. Style type - A type that sets the background for the above controls.
  9. A fully customizable web browser with navigation
  10. Imaging
    1. ColorPicker - A template for getting colors via sliders
    2. ColorReplacer - A component that finds and modifies certain colors in an image.
  11. Extensions - Three extension methods to make certain actions easier.


Multi-color gradient style generator

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