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style generator

To create a style you select the first color that will appear on the left and the second color that will appear on the right. Next you select the angle to rotate the gradient by. The default angle is 0 this gradient appears like this 1-------2.
If changed to 90 it will appear like this
Finally you click build style and the preview builds.

To apply a style click the "code" tab then copy the code into the paint event on the container directly holding your control. e.g. If a button is directly on the form put the code in forms paint event. Then you replace the word "object" with the name of the control you are styling. Note: The control must have a transparent background to work.


Note: The above control is now considered a legacy tool and will not be a concern of this project unless there is sufficient reason to do so. This is due to the Gradient Base control that uses similar techniques for greater effect. If you object to this decision please notify us using the methods provided by Codeplex.

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